Stand Up And Sing For ​Americ​a!

Raising Mankind * Protecting our Nation * Helping the World * for the good of all




The Vision – The Great Experiment - Stand Up and Sing for America Mass Patriotic Singing

Imagine millions of Americans in every city and town across our Nation 

Singing their Love and Gratitude for the Blessings we have been given, through our finest patriotic music! 

Imagine the feelings of love, joy, hope, pride, gratitude, unity and strength replacing our fears and distress. 

  What Goes Out, Comes Back

We’re taught in physics that everything is made of energy and vibration.

Energy travels in endless streams that continue on and on.

As human beings, we qualify the energy we use every moment with different feelings  

that affect the world around us for better or for worse.   

 A Positive Energy Source for America's GOOD

We who formed STAND UP AND SING FOR AMERICA (SUSA) believe the power of our patriotic music sent forth by many people who love our country and what it Truly stands for can affect us, our Nation and the world in a very positive ways.

We believe if we can come together and sing in groups, small or large, but especially en masse, 

our collective singing will send out tons of energy qualified with good and do something special

to restore our spirit, strengthen our hearts and unify our Vision.  

Out of Many Voices, ONE VOICE.  

STAND UP AND SING FOR AMERICA does not seek to entertain anyone, though it is a life-changing positive experience.  

We’re not inviting you to come and listen to others perform for you, while you sit and watch.  

This is OUR chance - ALL OF US – THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA – to give our love and energy TOGETHER, 

to create a “mass thrust” of Harmony, Love and Power and send it out to the world as a force for GOOD.

Clear the Channels so GOOD can Come Through

YOUR VOICE, joined with others, can be the catalyst to do something for our Nation that has never been done

before CONSCIOUSLY, to inspire and strengthen our citizens.

As we reach UP with all we are and have, we WILL be in a better place to receive the Answers to our Calls. 

This is the Great Experiment

We don’t know exactly what will happen if many of us sing together 

and send forth wave after wave of harmonious energy, but we'd like to find out.

 JOIN your voice with ours

​  do it for LIBERTY