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"The highest use of music is to raise the consciousness of individuals, so that thereafter, each is inspired to use his or her Free Will and the energy of his life constructively for the betterment of self and others."

The Power of Music

The power of music has changed the course of human events in our history many times. It is a Universal language that rides above the human condition.   It can instantly permeate any level of consciousness and raise or lower the thought and feeling of individuals and groups.  It offers an intensely personal experience, yet it can also impact on the masses simultaneously.  This is especially true when it comes to patriotism through singing.   

​Mankind have used music to manipulate the feelings of others for centuries, for both good and harmful ends.  People use music every day to heal, inspire, soothe, energize, motivate, agitate, aggravate.  Most do this without realizing how precisely their musical choices impact on their own energy and the world around them.

Advertisers know the secrets of music well and use it to their advantage.  So do politicians and movie makers.  So do romantic restaurants.  And military training camps.  And fitness centers.  And on and on and on.  The order in which songs are played at a concert or music festival can manipulate a mass of people into jubilation or frenzy. 

If you are feeling sad and you play sad music, you can get sadder still!  Likewise, if you start to play happier music, you can start to feel better.  With the right tunes, you can forget what was bothering you in the first place and be humming along.

What can take days, months, years or even a lifetime for some to comprehend through verbal or written communication can be accomplished in moments, through consciousness–raising melodies.  

For those who aspire to understand the higher aspects of energy and give proof to the existence of the Divine, music can be a transmuting station between the human condition and Divine consciousness which we can be “attuned” to receive.  Through music, our spirits can literally be lifted to a place where we feel One with all Life and our Creator.


Let's Ponder... the Power of Music:

On September 11, 2001, why did our representatives in Washington, members of Congress, spontaneously begin singing "God Bless America" on the steps of our Nation's Capital?  What caused them to do that? Why did they sing? What did singing do for them in that moment that nothing else could do?

In Dr. Seuss's famous tale, "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" - Why did the Whos' join together and begin singing their Love for Whoville in response to the "Grinch" taking everything away from them that symbolized their celebration of Christ(mas) in an effort to hurt them? Notice, they didn't argue with him, talk about him, arrest him, hate him, shoot him, go find him, judge him.  They didn't put their attention on his evil actions.  Instead, they sang their Love for their town and for the Blessings of the Season.  What effect did their singing have?  That LOVE went up and permeated the atmosphere. It melted the Grinch's small cold heart and he was changed for the better, forever. Hmmm.

Do you know about "The Singing Revolution?"  This is a must-watch DVD documentary made about the people of Estonia and how they literally sang their way to Freedom through great oppression and suffering. Watching it will change your Life.  After you see it, you will know without question that singing your Love for America with masses of others and sending out HARMONY through music, can alter our common future. :)  We may have our differences, but we share a love for FREEDOM.

"The Choir - Military Wives" on youtube:  A choirmaster visits a military base in the U.K. and transforms grieving, anxious wives waiting word from their husbands on duty, into a singing choir - a VOICE of Love.  You can see it in full, for free, on youtube.  (Three, one hour parts.) 

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