Your Love is the key that sets america free! 
Raising Mankind * Protecting our Nation * Helping the World * for the good of all

Our Vision for 2018 

​Stand Up and Sing for America Music Festivals in Seven Regions of the Nation - June-August

where anyone who loves America can come and join with others to sing

America is Grateful! - Nationally Televised Event the Sunday before Thanksgiving

Before we hit the road and gather with loved ones to kick off the most favored time of year, wouldn't it be

wonderful if we all tuned in together and expressed our gratitude for the Blessings of living in America!

Singing SUSA Ambassadors in every City and Town across America

who create opportunities and join existing events to bring more love and more harmony thru singing 

THE VISION FOR STAND UP AND SING FOR AMERICA mass patriotic singing came two months after September 11, 2001, as I sang three verses of our National Anthem in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a large group of people. If you've never experienced the other verses of the "Star Spangled Banner," you are missing out.  As we sang, there was a transforming experience which speaks to the amazing power of music.  The grief, fear and confusion from 9/11 was lifted and replaced with a huge energy of Love, Hope and Strength. In that moment, a vivid inner picture came before me, which was permanently established.  Here is what I saw:

Millions and millions of people were singing their Love and Gratitude for America in their different locations from border-to-border and shore-to-shore, in every city and town. This was not for entertainment or pleasure, though there was great happiness and devotion coming from those who were singing. This was to BLESS AND SAVE OUR NATION, to harmonize our people.  Those singing knew that something powerful was taking place and each person was giving their all to make the most of the opportunity.  Everyone knew that we were creating GOOD energy and sending it out to a world in need. This was the “ripple effect”at its best!  We understood that our patriotic songs vibrate at a higher level and if we sang them together, it would have a raising effect on our entire country in all its parts. 


The positive energy (some would rightly call it Love) pouring out from the heart of each one as they sang, was shown to me as Gold and White Light.  The Light was expanding out from each heart growing brighter and brighter in ongoing waves of energy which merged with the energies of the others.  This then poured into the atmosphere around us.  

Given the vast numbers of people singing, tons and tons of constructively-qualified harmonious energy - of LIGHT - was released around persons, places and things.  It permeated everything in America – our cities, our homes, our schools, our buildings - and kept on expanding from there until it covered the earth.  Its action was so intense that built up energies which were negative and destructive – of gossip, cruelty, hate, insanity, apathy, selfishness, fear, distress, war, murder, violence, etc – swirling around individuals, places and things were washed away.

If you have the opportunity to sing for America, do it with all the Love of your Heart.  You will be helping to Bless and Save our Nation.