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Everyone has a voice.  We are all connected. 

Music can bring us back together. 

Our Love for America thru our singing can be a bridge that enables us to leave our divisions behind

and rise into a better place.





STAND UP AND SING FOR AMERICA (SUSA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our educational purpose is to show our citizens the benefits of singing our patriotic music together, to bring more unity, healing and honor for our Nation.  


The organization was established by an American woman who had an inspired vision after 9/11, of what mass patriotic singing could do for America and the world.  It took years before she acted on the vision, which never left her and kept coming back. The fulfillment of what she saw – millions of our people consciously singing their Love for America together  and that energy doing much to neutralize hate- would help our Nation and the world greatly right now. 


Those who have been involved with this organization have wanted to stay behind the scenes. The focus has totally been on America and how we can love our Nation more. We are waiting for the day when we can fill our stadiums and auditoriums with Americans singing together and have large national and regional events.  There are many other ways that SUSA can touch the lives of our communities, when the time is right.


We are established of, by and for THE PEOPLE. When we sing for America, we are singing to create more harmonized, positive energy and to expand that which is GOOD.  We believe singing patriotic music together with Love and Gratitude can protect, unify, heal and bless us all. It’s that simple.


Reaching up to God to help mankind is very much a part of this project.  This does not mean every person who loves America and wants to sing will choose to do this.  We truly believe there is no way to extricate ourselves from the things we have created in this world that are now challenging mankind and the Earth, without Divine Mercy and Intervention. Therefore, we ask God to take all the energy we give to sing and in the music itself, to be qualified with that which will forgive us, protect us and save us. We ask participants to do the same, but of course it is their choice.


We are not involved with politics, parties or personalities.  Loving America and singing should be something we can do together for the benefit of everyone, regardless of who we vote for or who’s doing what to who. 


We live in a world where we constantly watch others entertain us.  Constantly. This is not that.  SUSA is for you and yours to give your energy and your love – you are greatly needed and the quantity of good energy we need now will not happen without you! The more of us singing, the more positive, harmonized energy goes out to Life. 


We’ve seen plenty of what hate/dislike, anger, isolation, criticism and condemnation does; how destructive energy builds up and explodes into things that cause suffering - a war, a terror event, a shooting, crime, murder, violence, bullying., etc. etc. etc. It’s time to focus on a way we can consciously release positive energy together and watch its GOOD effects: Hope, Peace, Harmony, Healing.


The most interesting aspect of singing our Love for America is that our attention, our thoughts and feelings are off the things that disturb us.  Something Better takes over.

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