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All of the videos we have selected for this special do-it-yourself event have been licensed for use on YouTube.  According to each video’s direction and specification, we have embedded the videos on our website, only permissible in that each one is enabled for sharing.  Because they are embedded and not posted from our server, we did not need a license to proceed.  The YouTube license is fully intact with those official accounts.


Because we do not solicit donations, are a non-profit with $0.00 revenue base, and have no intent to monetize any part of this effort, we have been able to proceed.  The IDEA of STAND UP AND SING FOR AMERICA was meant to be a glad, free Gift of Love for the American People thru which our society came to understand how we could harness the power of music to generate harmony and peace by singing together.


LEGAL PERMISSIONS – Viewable LYRICS on a Website


More than half of the songs we are presenting were written decades ago, some more than one hundred years! As such, the lyrics available for viewing while singing for “America,” “America, the Beautiful,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean,” “God of our Fathers,” “The Liberty Song,” “Star-Spangled Banner,” are considered public domain.


We have sought to obtain permissions from the appropriate music publishers to offer viewable lyrics for the other songs. This involves paying for a music license.  If you do not see lyrics, simply search online for lyrics-song title and you'll see multiple choices.


The two video songs which feature Sandi Patty – “God Bless America” and the finale - “Star Spangled Banner” have viewable lyrics already provided on the screen.  (Were that all the others did as well!) Make those large screen and sing! sing! sing!  

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